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Ricky Zheng, President of ZR Systems
Aloha for visiting our website.  As a fellow business owner, I understand how challenging the Hawaii business landscape can be at times.  Navigating the hurdles and obstacles of operating on an island economy comes with its own unique set of struggles only a local business will understand.  Information Technology should help you, not make things more difficult for you.  Your job as the business owner or manager is to focus on the business!

Are you in conflict with your IT provider?
Your IT provider wants to generate as much billable hours as possible.  It is not to their benefit that everything runs smoothly without issues.  

When a problem does occur, you want to minimize the billable hours which then results in a compromised solution.  

Neither side is focused on what really should be done - proactively maintaining the system to prevent any problems from happening!

The ZR way
Our goal is to walk away with a happy and satisfied customer when we do business with you.  The service should be effective, complete, and above all - get the job done!  We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, showing appreciation for all those around us, and last but not least, being a friend with all those that we serve and work with.  Living Hawaii means living Aloha - we are all in this together.

One big OHANA
We're in this business to help other businesses grow, thrive and succeed.  Our belief is that if we help local businesses solve their IT issues to grow and be successful, our own success is inevitable.  There is no catch, no smoke and mirrors... just industry experience, best practices, and a commitment to excellence that we've pride ourselves during the past decade of doing business in the Hawaii and the Pacific Rim area.

Mahalo and thank you for your support,
Ricky Zheng



They're there for me
Operating a small business that continually needs to keep up to date with security, compliance, and hardware issues it is prudent to surround myself with an organization such as ZR Systems to handle all facets of technology. The staff is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt to resolve problems. I highly recommend ZR to any business that needs IT support.
Pat Poe ( Owner, Xcel Medical Billing Solutions LLC - Pearl City, HI )

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