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The Vast Majority of Business Owners that Try Cloud Services Don’t Look Back

The Vast Majority of Business Owners that Try Cloud Services Don’t Look Back

Your business’s productivity suite, be it Google Apps for Work or Microsoft Office 365, is a critical component for your success. These services, when implemented in the cloud, can be major game-changers, and it’s thanks to the convenience of mobile data and application access that have led to such vigor in the development of the cloud.

In particular, the success of “software as a service,” or SaaS, shows the need to leverage online computing solutions to your advantage. Businesses can use SaaS to pay a flat rate for a productivity suite, or other virtual solution. The software is then accessible through the cloud via an Internet connection, which makes it both flexible enough to add new users, and accessible enough to be used on any device. A study by BetterCloud reveals that 91 percent of Google Apps users claim that SaaS helps them more than traditional desktop applications, while 68 percent of Office 365 users found the same.

SaaS’s success reveals that paying less for more over time can be a valid way to build out your IT infrastructure. Instead of purchasing software outright, businesses are finding that it’s more efficient and economically feasible to pay smaller fees at a monthly rate. Other benefits include using only the most up-to-date versions of business apps, and the ability to access these applications from anywhere with an Internet connection. Considering how it’s both easier and more cost-effective to add users to a cloud-based solution than purchasing new software licenses for all of your employees, the cloud is definitely the way to go.

Despite the many benefits, BetterCloud has found that there are still many significant roadblocks that could railroad your business’s implementation of cloud-based applications. One of them could be your business’s dedication to your old desktop application infrastructure. Even though the cloud is a great new addition to your organization, you may have employees who would prefer to use desktop apps stored locally on their machine. Remember, concepts like cloud computing, document sharing, and collaborative technologies, are still relatively new in the business environment. It will still take time for these concepts to sink in and take root.

Modern technology solutions have given rise to businesses that require mobile, collaborative workplace environments. Simply having the necessary software solutions on your workstation isn’t enough; people want to stay productive even when out of the office. This drive for mobility and constant access to data and applications is what has fueled the cloud frenzy. Therefore, it’s becoming not just a gimmick, but an important commodity in the business world, and one that you can’t ignore forever.

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